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These 3 Oils Will Give You Longer Lashes In 3 Weeks

Long lashes
Longer lashes? For real? Is that even possible? You would be answering that yourself in a couple of weeks if you make good use of these oils.
Coconut oil
longer lashes


Of course, you saw that coming. Coconut oil being a staple in health and beauty is no longer news. From the hair on our head to our skin and our lips we have learnt over time, the many benefits that come from using coconut oil. Well, we are thrilled that these benefits extend to our eyelashes too! Studies have shown that coconut oil contains fatty acids, mainly Lauric acid which is advantageous because of the easy absorption by the hair shaft. It protects the hair from protein loss and damage and visibly increases eyelash growth.

Olive oil
longer lashes

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Olive oil is rich in vitamin E, K, chlorophyll and carotenoids. It is very good for eyelash growth. Continuous application over a period of time will help your eyelashes double in thickness and length. Results are even more visible when slices of lemon are soaked in the olive oil before application.

Castor oil
longer lashes

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This oil contains acids and antioxidants which boost blood circulation and nourish the hair follicles promoting healthy and full eyelash growth. It even moisturizes the skin around your eyes and helps prevent the development of crow’s feet or wrinkles. So you not only get longer lashes but healthier eyes.

longer lashes

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How To Use:

It is best to apply oils on your eyelashes at bedtime. To apply, find a clean roller ball or mascara wand. This reduces the risk of contamination that could be caused by touching and applying the oil with your fingers.

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Next, apply any of the oils mentioned above to your lashes in upward strokes. Blot out excess oil with a clean cloth or wipes. Apply enough oil to make your lashes feel moisturized but ensure that oil does not drip into your eyes.

Again, do this right before going to bed.

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