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The Pros And Cons Of Texlaxing Your Hair

pros and cons of texlaxing
If you’ve been considering texlaxing because your hair hasn’t been at its best behaviour lately, it might be a good option. But before you join that bus, let’s give you all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Texlaxing seems to be the new hair bug but before you catch the fever, it’s really important that you know the pros and cons of texlaxing.

The pros:

Better moisture retention

Texlaxed hair retains way more moisture than relaxed hair and this is because the protein bonds in texlaxed hair have not completely been broken down. Because of this, texlaxed hair is healthier and less prone to breakage than relaxed hair.

Hair is fuller and thicker

This is what most people love about texlaxed hair. If you like your hair big with volume but would like the texture softer then you should consider texlaxing.

pros and cons of texlaxing

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Less breakage

Texlaxed hair still retains some of its natural texture, because of this it is a lot more elastic than relaxed hair. And hair that is elastic is able to withstand manipulation better and result in less breakage.


This is another great thing about texlaxing, you can wear your hair in it’s full, poofy state if you like big hair. But it can also be roller-set or flat ironed if you want a straight look.

pros and cons of texlaxing

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The cons:


Because texlaxing is between natural and relaxed textures (but more of natural), the hair still retains some of its natural curls. So don’t be surprised if you find your texlaxed hair shrinking. There won’t be as much shrinkage as natural hair but there’ll be enough for you to notice. The shrinkage isn’t necessarily a bad thing actually but it might be an inconvenience if you like your hair very straight.

pros and cons of texlaxing

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Different textures

Women with texlaxed hair might find that there are different textures of hair on their scalp. So some parts could be more natural and some other parts more straightened. This is normal because it’s almost impossible to maintain a consistent texture throughout your hair. But yes, it could be an inconvenience especially if you’re transitioning from relaxed hair.

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Now you know the pros and cons of texlaxing, what’s your verdict? Let us know in the comment section. And if you’ll rather keep your relaxed hair, here’s how you can ensure it’s healthy.

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