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Suddenly Breaking Out? Your Phone Might Be The Reason

So you have great skincare products, followed by a kick-ass skincare routine that you are following to the T but you’re still breaking out! Why on earth is this happening?

Well, if you’re breaking out particularly on your cheeks, your phone (or whoever’s calling) might be to blame. And yes, we’re actually being serious. This is a phenomenon called acne mechanica.

Acne mechanica is a type of acne that is caused by excess heat, pressure, friction or rubbing of the skin. It can form anywhere on the body like the face, chest or back. And it’s more common with people with acne prone skin.

What causes Acne Mechanica?

While regular acne is caused by things like your hormones, diet etc. Acne mechanica is physical and is simply caused by friction. So basically, anything that rubs or puts pressure on the skin can cause it. So if your phone is pressed against your face for long periods of time, it can lead to perspiration around the area which can irritate and block your pores. Also, dirt and makeup on the surface of your skin could get pushed deeper into your pores and cause breakouts.

difference between breakouts and purging

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What do you do?

The first step is to know if you have acne mechanica. To find out, check where the acne appears. If everywhere else on your face is clear except your cheeks (typically where your phone would rest) then there’s a high chance your phone is the cause.

What you should do is use only headsets to make and receive calls in the meantime. If your cheeks are already inflamed, pressing your phone against them will make it worse. Do not scrub or try to pop the pimples, use acne spot treatments instead to fight the breakouts.

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Lastly, clean the surface of your phone every evening with a sanitizing wipe to remove dirt, germs, and oil that could have transferred from your face and hands to your phone. Or else you’ll be transferring all that gunk back to your face the next day. You’re probably looking at your phone screen right now, that’s good. Now go ahead and clean it.

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(Featured image: Collins Nai for Refinery29)

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