How To Treat Dry Skin? Do It Naturally With House Plants!ZUMI

Studies Show That House Plants Can Help With Dry Skin – Here’s How!

How To Treat Dry Skin? Do It Naturally With House Plants
If you love plants and taking care of your skin, we have some information for you. We know how to treat dry skin using house plants!

Now, before you roll your eyes, hear us out! Recent studies show that having lots of house plants in your house can directly affect your skin. So if you have dry skin you might want to listen up.

How To Treat Dry Skin? Do It Naturally With House Plants

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Research from NASA proves that keeping plants in your home can reduce toxins in the air by 87%. Further research shows that house plants increase the humidity in the air significantly as they lose water from their soil and leaves. So what does this all mean? The more humidity in the air, the more moisture your skin gets!

Believe it or not, our skin drinks from the air around us. That’s why we suggest you use sunscreen to help limit the free radicals in the air that get sucked into your skin. If your skin has good air (courtesy of the house plants) to feed on, imagine how amazing the results will be. Good air = Good skin!

Now, this doesn’t apply to just any plant. Not all house plants can help you treat dry skin. The plants with the biggest leaves give off the most moisture. Some plants, like the cactus, thrive in dry environments and will not be giving off any moisture. And there are those plants that thrive in humid environments, but the amount of humidity they need might be too much for us. So, if you’re thinking of buying house plants to help treat dry skin, we’d suggest peace lilies, ivy, rubber plants, spider plants and areca palm.

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What about hair?
How To Treat Dry Skin? Do It Naturally With House Plants

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If you’re wondering if this would work for your natural hair too, the answer is yes! Your hair will love all the moisture it’ll be getting (unless you’re trying to keep your hair straight). The more humid the air, the more lustrous and hydrated your hair will be.

Now, besides helping with your hair and skin, did you know that house plants are also great for stress? Their sheer presence lifts bad moods and gives off a positive vibe. And less stress means reduced chances of your skin breaking out due to stressful environments. It’s a win all around!

How To Treat Dry Skin? Do It Naturally With House Plants


In the end, how much your skin is impacted by house plants depends on the kind of plants you get. So shop wisely and watch your skin thrive!




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