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Skincare Routine For Glowing Skin? Try Dimma Umeh’s Way!

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Looking for a skincare routine to make your skin glow? We just might have found the perfect steps for you! (you’d be thanking us after!).

If you’re prone to blemishes, it’s time for your skincare routine to be updated. If you want a visibly glowing skin, clear and baby soft then it’s time to get with products targeted at this and the steps that will help make it work for your skin and we’re going with our favourite vlogger; Dimma Umeh’s.

skincare routine

(Dimma Umeh)

If you follow the beauty vlogger, you’ll know that her skin sans makeup is to die for, she has an oily face with a combination/dry body- from the neck down so if this sounds like you, then you’re in luck as the products are not only affordable, they are accessible!

She starts with cleaning her makeup after the end of each day, cleanses and then treat. For this she uses:
Skincare routine

(Dimma Umeh)

Once or twice in a week,  she does a mask treatment to get the skin refreshed, rejuvenated and to rest over the cause of the week.

For this, she uses:
Afterwards she goes in after cleansing with treatment and moisturizer using a serum, she chooses:
  • The Bodyshop Vitamin E Overnight Serum which she swears by for rejuvenating the skin.
  • The Nivea Soft Cream which she uses from the neck down (not on the face) because it’s comedogenic/doesn’t block pores and very light and breathable.

Watch how she works this below.

Are you giving this a try? Let’s know how it works for you!



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