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Quick Beauty & Fashion Tips For The Workaholic Chick

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As a busy female workaholic, you tend to be so engrossed with deadlines and deliverables that you do not bother with looks!

However, it is still important to look stylish. Self-care is important to be successful and looking good is a huge part of self-care. If you are building your career and getting the bag, you should look smashing too. We have a few tips to help you speed up your beauty routine and aid smoother application. And yeah, you can totally do these in five minutes, or even while commuting.

Curl Your Lashes
how to curl eyelashes with heated curlers

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You might wonder what the point is…You literally do not have time for ‘unnecessary frivolities’. Yes, we know. But if you spend a few seconds curling your lashes, you will look bright-eyed, wide awake and beautiful. There goes all the time spent on faux lashes, mascara and eyeliners. Instant beauty is a thing and we stan! Here’s a quick tutorial to help you slay those lashes.

Wear Hats
Chioma Ikokwu's Hat Collection Deserves A Standing Ovation!

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Hats are every girl’s secret weapon. They automatically make you look put together and are a major saviour for bad hair days. Find one that flatters your facial features and goes with every colour. You can totally mush your hair up and slap on a hat and you’re good to go. Also, don’t restrict yourself. Try a variety of hats; baseball hats, straw hats, berets, bowler hats, wide brimmed hats etc.

Bold Coloured Lips For The Win
Lipsticks For Warm Skin Tones? These 4 Will Look Gorgeous On You!

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There are rules to this sis. If you are too busy to wear makeup, a simple coat of mascara and a bold lip colour are all you need to look all glammed up. Looking for the perfect lipstick colour for your skin tone? Check here.

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Wear A Low Manipulation Hairstyle
Ghana Weaving

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Apart from makeup, hair styling is another thing that makes us spend extra time getting ready. So stay away from hairstyles that require extra styling in the mornings. Go for braids that can easily be pulled into a pony or Ghana weaving hairstyles that require little to no effort.

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