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Passion Twist Is The Hottest Braid Style Right Now!

(Photo: Pinterest via Tashica Stephney)
Braids are constantly evolving as hair stylists keep reinventing the wheel and switching things up. Now in 2019, passion twists have hit the scene and are all the rage right now.

If you didn’t already know, there are different kinds of twists. There are flat twists, spring twists, Senegalese twists, Havana twists whew! The list keeps growing and honestly, we ain’t complaining. But the one that has got us all excited right now is passion twist. Passion twists look a lot like spring twists but they have a certain roughness that makes it look really different.

Check out these gorgeous pics below:

(Photo: Pinterest via Tashica Stephney)

You can wear them short or really long.

(Photo: Pinterest via Dee. Badd)

And they come in different colours.

(Photo: Pinterest via voice of hair)

Look at this pretty purple colour.

(Photo: Pinterest via AllSheWore)

Passion twists aren’t done with the regular hair extensions you know. You can only use the Freetress Braid usually used for crochet extensions.

(Photo: cdn.shopify.com)

And for y’all DIY queens who want to know how passion twists are done. This video by Kimberly Cherrel will get you started.

Before you go, have you heard of stitch braids? It’s the new and upgraded ”cornrows”. Check it out here.

(Featured image: Pinterest via voice of hair & Instagram/damnthatschev)

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