Natural Hair Inspiration! 5 Looks to Steal from Beauty Blogger EfikZara – ZUMI

Natural Hair Inspiration! 5 Looks to Steal from Beauty Blogger EfikZara

Natural Hair Inspiration! 5 Looks to Steal from Beauty Blogger EfikZara Zumi
Natural Hair can be amazing & beautiful. But finding the right styles for can sometimes be a pain in the butt.

Praise the beauty gods for social media and the natural hair movement. It’s made hunting down easily achievable natural hair inspiration so much easier, and has given us hairstyle icons to love, follow and stalk all day long.

One beauty who keeps us craving her natural hair is social media influence & beauty blogger, Efik Zara.

Zara is definitely one to watch and isn’t just a bundle of beauty. Her ability to play the violin beautifully precedes her, and has landed her in the audience of dignitaries like Ghanaian President, Nana Akufo-Addo among others and keeps us glued whenever she plays.

But today, her long, thick natural hair is all we want to rave about. She never fails to give us natural hair inspiration to die for, and that’s why we’re stealing 5 amazing hairstyles she’s created.

  1. The half afro

Efik Zara Natural Hairstyles Zumi

Zara recently visited the city of Accra, Ghana and served us some major fashion & natural hair goodness. She put a Spanish spin on a classic half Afro which framed her face perfectly. The look is bold yet soft and is quite easy to achieve.

All you have to do is;

– Stretch out your hair without the use of excessive heat.
– Section your hair into 2 halves horizontally.
– Take a few bobby pins and pin the first half down leaving the ends out.
– Gently bush out the ends adding them to the bottom half.
– Comb out with a wide-toothed comb, and you’re done.

2. The top knot with fly-aways

Efik Zara Natural Hairstyles Zumi

Protective styles are by all means a ‘naturalistas‘ best friend. So if you’ve ever had a hard time trying to figure out what to do to your natural hair next, then Zara’s top knot with fly-aways might be just right for you.

According to Zara, this look might become her go-to protective style. “Lol so I just spiced it up by bringing out some side coils and adding some jewelry.” Sounds simple enough. Just make sure you remember to lay your edges.

3. The legendary afro

Efik Zara Natural Hairstyles Zumi

When in doubt, go for an afro!

We love how Zara opted for a staple natural hairstyle in this stunning photo shoot by some of the creative industry’s finest. With makeup by Jide Okerayi of St.Ola Artistry and photography by Prince Meyson, Zara looked heavenly with a soft & perfect mane and large roses in her hair.

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A deep condition and tea tree oil would help you get the shine and softness you need to achieve this natural hairstyle in no time.

4. Top knot

Efik Zara Natural Hairstyles Zumi

Let’s say your natural hair just decides it’s not going to cooperate with you (like most days). There’s always one natural hairstyle you can fall back on that will never fail you – the top knot. Even Zara recognizes the awesomeness of this staple look.

She commented after sharing this post via Instagram – ” This is one of those days that my hair decided to scatter the market and my glow strategically blinded the enemies of my destiny. Looool seriously though guys, this was my first time doing a top knot and I am SO pleased with myself! Shout out to Jesus for blessing a young woman with enough hair to pull it off ?! I didn’t think I could but man’s top knot is HOT!”

A quick tip to keep your strays in check is to hold them down with bobby pins that have been sprayed with hairspray. The spray keeps the pin from snagging your natural hair strands and keeps them safe and in place.

5. The free fall

Efik Zara Natural Hairstyles Zumi

If you’re looking for something fun, feminine and flirty, then the free fall natural hairstyle is perfect for you.

The key to achieving this look is to leave room for a mess- there’s no such thing as a perfect free fall hairstyle.

To get this look all you have to do is;

– Give your natural hair some flexibility with water or leave-in-conditioner.
– Brush your natural hair towards the top of your head.
– Secure the bunch of your natural hair at the top with bobby pins or a loose rubber band to give it that signature messy look.

And you’re done! 5 looks your natural hair community would be proud of…including Zara!

Got some looks we would love? Share them with us! And if you want to see more natural hairstyles from Efik Zara, follow her on Instagram – @EfikZara