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Makeup Trends You Have To Leave Behind In 2018

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The New Year is approaching and we have New Year resolutions. So how about we resolve to drop some makeup trends?

Let’s leave the past in the past. The question is, what makeup trends should be left behind in 2018? Below are a few of our picks:

Caked Makeup
Eyeshadow Palettes

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Ladies, don’t forget that you are already beautiful and makeup was only created to enhance your God-given beauty. This is you should avoid applying so much makeup that makes it hard to tell how the skin underneath looks. Why not tone it down a few notches. You can even try going bare skinned sometimes. Your skin will definitely thank you.

Highlighter Overload

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Highlighting the right points on your face can transform you into a total beauty but only when sparingly and skillfully applied. So let’s not overload on the highlighter and end up looking like monsters from our favourite TV shows.

Overly Fussy Lips
stop wearing makeup

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Seriously this has to go, all of it. Drop the lip fillers, the overdrawn lips, the entire big lips look. Please if you must line your lips, do it subtly with a little bit of highlight on the edges and a light gloss.

Extra False Eyelashes
How To Apply Your Eyelashes By Yourself (VIDEO)

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Sometimes you just want fuller lashes. It’s fun when you get to flutter them to create that special effect. Well, the key here is balance. Installing extra long lashes gives you an overall ‘low budget barbie doll‘ look so quit it! Your mascara can do wonders for your daily makeup look so why not save the lash extensions for special occasions. Here’s an easy way to grow your lashes.

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Intense Bronzer
Rihanna's New Makeup Product Will Have You Glowing Like A Bronze Goddess ZUMI

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Bronzers are used to give the face a glamorous pop of colour, not to entirely change the skin tone. Being heavy handed on the bronzer makes your face appear unreal. Our faces naturally secrete sebum which is a natural oil that darkens makeup the longer we wear them. So wearing intense bronzer for a long time will certainly make us look ruddier and sallow.

Uneven And Heavy Contouring

(Photo: YouTube via Jackie Aina)

Just like highlighters, when properly done, contouring can highlight the angles of your face, making it look slimmer. But too much of it makes for an ugly sight. So if you must contour, get the right products, stick to the appropriate amount of products to be used at a time and practice over and over. In case you did not know, here’s an easy break down of the right way to contour your face.

Featured Image: YouTube via Monique Lewis