Match Your Lip Colour To Your Nipples To Find Your Perfect Nude LipstickZUMI

Ladies, You Can Get Your Perfect Lip Colour With Your Nipples!

Match your lip colour to your nipples
Now finding the perfect lip colour is as easy as taking your bra off!!

So according to experts on the TV show, the doctors, you can get your perfect nude lipstick shade if you match your lip colour to your nipples. Yep, you just read that right. Nipples! We don’t know how they arrived at this great discovery. What we’re concerned about is the execution.

Picture this, you’re at your favourite make-up store buying lippies. You pick up a few lipticks and then ask the sales rep *with a straight face*  for a room to try them on, because you need to match them to your nipples.

Sales rep:

Match your lip colour to your nipples


Do we need to tell you how that would play out? She’ll most likely chase you out of her store with a few insults to escort you.

Or let’s try a different scenario, let’s assume everybody already got the nipple matching memo. So when you walk into the store and say ”I want a nude lipstick”, the sales rep would reply with something like ”Ok, can I see your nipple?”.


Match your lip colour to your nipples


Jokes aside, we can probably all agree at this point that this theory doesn’t sound very doable. For it to work you have to buy a couple of lipstick shades, then take home to try on your nipple first so you can figure out the perfect match for your lips. Think about that for a second. Instead of getting your lips matched for free at the store, you’re going to buy more lipsticks than is necessary just so you can match them to your nipples and finally your lips.

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So at the end of the day, you’re spending more money and time! Match your lip colour to your nipples


That’s a lot of struggle just to shop for lipsticks, no?

Interestingly, some women actually tested out this theory and apparently it’s true.

We’re happy for them but we do wonder where this leaves women who have changed their natural lip colour.

Match your lip colour to your nipples


So is this trick a hack or wack? We’ll let you be the judge. In the meantime, this is how to get picture perfect nude lips.