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Jackie Aina Shares Her Take On Blac Chyna’s Whitenicious Collaboration, Dencia Replies!

The past couple of days have been quite eventful for the Nigerian beauty industry, both at home and abroad. After it was announced that Black Chyna had collaborated with “skin brightening” cream Whitenicious, the Nigerian beauty industry started buzzing. A lot of people expressed their displeasure at the news, especially because Whitenicious is known to be a skin bleaching cream. And now we get to hear one more opinion.

Celebrated beauty vlogger Jackie Aina has never been shy about her views on black beauty. In fact, she started her YouTube channel to promote black beauty through makeup. So when she heard about the news of Blac Chyna’s collaboration, it was only a matter of time before she spoke about it.

Jackie addressed the topic on Twitter with a couple of tweets directed at the Whitenicious brand and its owner, Dencia.

In true Jackie Aina fashion, she also addressed the issue of skin bleaching on her YouTube channel. The YouTuber released a video where she does her makeup, addresses her tweets and shares her opinion on the situation. In the video, Jackie shares how the Whitenicious brand is popularizing skin bleaching, and how Blac Chyna is apparently trying to profit off it. Especially in a nation where skin bleaching has become a growing trend. She also proposes that Dencia and Blac Chyna are contributing to the issue of colourism in the black community.

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And apparently, Dencia saw the video. A few hours ago she tweeted a few statements of her own where she addressed Jackie’s video.

Press play to watch Jackie’s video and continue to read Dencia’s tweets.

Are you as out of breath as we are?

Being a Nigerian, and a black woman in general, Jackie has every right to express her opinion here. Especially since it concerns an industry she has been a part of for 10 years.

Do you think Dencia is right to defend her product as a “skin brightening” brand knowing that it apparently bleaches the skin? Share your thoughts with us.

(Featured image via Instagram/@blacchyna)