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Jackie Aina Shares Her Morning Skincare Routine & It Has Some Real Lessons For You

(Photo: YouTube via ELLE)

(Photo: YouTube via ELLE)

Jackie Aina is without a doubt one of our favourite beauty YouTube stars out there. Her say-it-like-it-is attitude and candid opinions tell us what’s what in the beauty industry. Especially for women of colour. So when ELLE shared a video of her taking us through her morning skincare routine we knew there would be some gems in there for us. And we were right!

Morning skincare routines mostly are not but should be a necessity for great skin. After all the repair your skin does at night, it’s important to follow that up with a good list of products to make sure the repairs last. That’s where Jackie comes in. In her video, she shares some nuggets like sleeping with a silk pillowcase which is great for your hair & skin. She also drinks water first thing in the morning to get her system ready for the day. And stays off social media first thing in the morning to help clear her head.

(Photo: YouTube via ELLE)

Let’s share some amazing lessons we learned, and we know you can learn from too.

  • Jackie always kicks off her day with a face wash. She uses the Olay Daily Wipes especially when she’s travelling. And makes sure to never sleep with her makeup on.
  • Always use a toner to prepare your skin for the other products. Toners help the skin receive products better.
  • Get yourself a bottle of hyaluronic acid. This is amazing for skin and helps balance your PH levels no matter what climate you’re in.

    (Photo: YouTube via ELLE)

  • When you’re applying skincare products, don’t forget to include your neck while massaging them in.
  • Use a sheet mask to infuse more moisture. There are different masks for different jobs, so if you’re looking for brighter skin, chemical exfoliation etc, get a mask that works for that specifically. Plus, if you’re pressed for time, you can multitask by replying e-mails, message etc while your sheet mask does the work.

(Photo: YouTube via ELLE)

Now, if you know Jackie then you know she’s a queen of wigs. And the great news is she shared some tips on she slays her wigs. So Jackie says when putting on your wig, make sure to:

  • Brush it out while it’s on your head.
  • If it’s a lace front, clip the hair in front backwards so you can apply the wig glue.
  • Apply the wig glue in front of your natural baby hair to avoid damaging them, and then gently press the lace onto the glue.
  • When you’re done, tie this down with a scarf and let it sit for a while.

(Photo: YouTube via ELLE)

You probably guessed that this was followed by a makeup look. And if you did, you were right.

Press play to watch Jackie create a stunning peach look.

Feature Image: YouTube via ELLE



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