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Ice Cubes For Glowing Skin Is A Thing You Should Totally Try

Using ice cubes for glowing skin is actually something that works. If you didn’t know we’re not here to judge you completely.

Ice cubes for glowing skin is as simple as splashing water on your face and getting results! Who doesn’t love that? It’s simple and costs next to nothing to get the skin glowing using ice cubes to instantly ‘wake up’ the face especially, brighten dull eyes/undereye and dark circles, soothe the skin, close/reduce pores and gives a clean, fresh finish to the skin.

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The best part is ice cubes also improve blood circulation. It’s best used as a quick fix if you want to get your skin 100% before wearing makeup and it’s tried and tested, the only snag is used them sparingly, overdoing it can numb your face and you don’t want that.

Here’s a guide to how to get that face glowing
  1. Start by deep cleansing the face, making sure its completely bare and clean, you can use a facial wash with warm water to get rid of sebum (if you have an oily face)
  2. Splash cold water on your face (you feel the face get a bit tight it’s totally normal)
  3. Take ice cubes from the freezer and gently rub all over the face, go over the eye area just a few seconds more if you have dark circles to brighten up the area
  4. Splash cold water again on the face or leave to airdry if you’d rather a more taut/matte feel
  5. Apply your daily moisturizer as usual
See more ways ice cubes can help the skin

The best part of this? It costs nothing just fill ice cube bowls with clean water, pop in the freezer and voila! So would you be trying this out?



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