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How To Get Rid Of Those Dark circles In 20 Mins!

dark circles
Dark circles make you look stressed and tired not to mention how ageing it can be!

Dark circles are commonly on the surface as a result of lack of adequate sleep but in most cases it’s simple; it could just be the ageing process and because the areas/skin around the eyes are usually delicate they get hit first.

Circles under the eyes give you a generally ‘stressed out’ look, makes you look like you’re desperately craving sleep and that’s not in the least attractive.

dark circles

(Youtube/Jackie AIna)

Why they happen?

They can be hereditary, may be a sign of an underlying health issue (reason if you tick all the healthy buttons then it’s time to get expert help), due to not-so-good lifestyle habits- consuming too much salty foods, smoking, alcohol, sleep deprivation of course, lack of exercise, stress and the list goes on. It can also be as a result of ageing (because that happens in normal humans).

While they are usually nothing to lose sleep about they shouldn’t at the same time be ignored so if you’re sure you get enough sleep and your lifestyle habits are not in the least shabby then of course, it’s time to deal with them! Either by getting cooling pads or creams for this or see a dermatologist!

Before then home remedies work just perfect and this one is especially fast and easy to try out.

dark circles

(Youtube/Jackie AIna)

What to do
  • Make sure your face; including the under eye area is clean, then lie down
  • Get ice cubes- from clean water – out of the freezer and gently place over the area and over the eyes
  • Use a piece of clothing or sleeping mask to hold the ice cubes in place
  • Leave them on for a few minutes every single time
  • Do this often till you get desired results
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This gives instant results and when done overtime will improve the area. If you get to try this out don’t forget to share results. Did you know ice cubes also work for glowing skin?