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How To Achieve A Flawless Natural Makeup Look

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Natural makeup look anyone? Have you ever wanted to do a no makeup day but then you look in the mirror and you’re like “Heck no!” Don’t be shy, we’ve all been there. Sometimes your skin allows you to shine and looks tight and nice. But some other times, it just seems to turn its back on you. Thank God for makeup!

The natural makeup look is for those days when you just want something light. Those days when you have can’t be bothered to contour, strobe, bake or cook anything apart from indomie. If you want to know how to work that look with no lashes or blush or eyeshadow, but still look like a slay queen, then we’re here for you.

In the tutorial below, beauty Vlogger, Kimberly rose teaches us (yes we’re interested too) how to get a natural makeup look in 15 minutes. If you try this, do make sure you share your results with us. We love you!



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