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Have You Honestly Been Moisturizing The Right Way?

Moisturizing the right way
Have you been moisturizing the right way? Do you even moisturize at all? (side eye) If you do and all you do is pick a random product and slap it on in the morning, it’s time for a change!

Because we want your skin a 100%, we are showing you how to get started moisturizing the right way

1. Pick The Right Product For Your Skin


Moisturizing the right way

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The first step to moisturizing the right way is to figure out what parts of your skin are dry and what parts are oily. For the hearty areas like your arms, back and legs, use a thicker cream with oil in it and for delicate areas like your face, go for a lighter, oil-free moisturizer.

2. Apply Only On Damp Skin
Moisturizing the right way

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Your skin absorbs moisturizer better when it is still damp. It needs some bit of moisture to bring out its full potential. That’s most likely one of the reasons why it is called a MOISTurizer! Get it? Moist? No?

3. No Heavy Fragrances On Your Face

Ingredients found in fragrances are highly allergenic which means they can cause irritation. It’s always best to avoid face products and moisturizers with fragrances and stick to scented body products. Your face is super delicate. Treat it as such!

4. SPF All The Way
moisturizing the right way

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If you think sunscreen is just another “fancy¬†people thing“, You’re wrong. You gotta fix up girl! Invest in a good SPF moisturizer and protect that beautiful melanin spread God gave you. Ensure that your facial lotion contains SPF 15 or above.

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If you haven’t been moisturizing the right way, you should start making those changes now. And if you’re still in doubt, checkout what Denola Grey has to say about his skin care routine and what he does to make his glow better than yours.

We also found an update our fave, Dinma Umeh’s skin care/moisturizing routine.




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