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Ladies, Get Soft Kissable Lips With These Tips

get kissable lips
We’re no experts on kissing, but we can say that no one likes to kiss cracked and dry lips. And what kind of girlfriends would we be if we didn’t hand out tips occasionally to help you get the perfect pout?

We’ve shown you how to dress for dates, now we’re going the extra mile to ensure those lips get kissed *wink*. You can get soft kissable lips with these tips:

Don’t peel your lips

If you have cracked lips, it’s because they are dry. And they are most likely dry because they lack moisture. But peeling them could result in sores and that is not sexy at all. So if you want to get kissable lips, exfoliate often and moisturize your lips.


Just like your skin, dead skin cells also accumulate on your lips. If you want kissable lips, the first step is to exfoliate your lips. You can do this with a simple homemade recipe and an old toothbrush.

get kissable lips


Don’t lick your lips

When your lips are dry, your first instinct is to lick it but that actually worsens the problem. Saliva contains enzymes that dry out your lips, so again, keep your lip balm close.

Prime your lips

Matte lipsticks and lip stains are great because of how long they can stay on the lips but they can be very drying on the lips. What you can do to combat this is to prime your lips with a lip balm or vaseline before wearing your lipstick.

get kissable lips

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There’s nothing as inviting as soft, properly moisturized lips. Lip balms are just what you need to keep your lips supple and moisturizing. But avoid lip balms with Eucalyptus, camphor and mint as they can be drying for your lips.

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Use a lip gloss

There’s something about lipglosses that give your lips that ”come hither” look. You can wear a tinted lipgloss alone or over your lipstick to get perfect kissable lips.

get kissable lips

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And if you think we’re done with showing you how to get kissable lips, we’re not! Check out these lipstick tricks that’ll make your lips even more kissable.

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