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Get Inspired! 8 Braid Hairstyles from Some of Our Favourite Nigerian Influencers

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March2018
Are you looking for perfect braid hairstyles? Well, we’ve got something for you!

Today, team Zumi is bringing you some amazing braid hairstyles to help you get inspired for your next look. From music stars to fashion lovers, we’ve got something for everyone.

So, enough playing around, let’s get right into it!

  1. Yemi Alade
Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March2018

Source: @YemiAlade (Instagram)

Mama Africa is a slay mama! Yemi Alade has been serving us hot looks with this braid hairstyle we can’t get enough of. The look features long strands and a beaded fringe that’ll look great on heart-shaped faces.

Tip: To get this look, make sure you keep the fringe scanty with only a few strands. Also, don’t forget to add beads for that Wakanda effect.

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March2018001

Source: @YemiAlade (Instagram)

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March2018002

Source: @YemiAlade (Instagram)

2. Vimbai Mutinhiri

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March2018003

Source: @Miss_Vimbai (Instagram)

Zimbabwean actress & TV personality Vimbai Mutinhiri is an all-around star. She ‘s been rocking this bob braid hairstyle we seem to be loving more and more each day.

Her look is so versatile and is perfect for long face shapes. We love how she left her look with a side part making styling easy.

Tip: Make sure to burn the ends to give it that structured look and add some highlights with different colours just for fun!

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March2018004

Source: @Miss_Vimbai (Instagram)

Braid hairstyles - Zumi - March2018005

Source: @Miss_Vimbai (Instagram)

3. Elizabeth Osho

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March2018006

Source: @TheElizabeth_ (Instagram)

Want something with a bit more stay power? Then try influencer & social media strategist Elizabeth Osho‘s braided hairstyle. Why? Because it’s fabulous!

Liz kept the look very simple with a centre part featuring a single weave and sideways facing Ghana weaving. Finally, she added some gold embellishments to add something extra.

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Tip: Remember to always tame your edges with some edge control. This look with rough edges is a no, no.

Braid Hairstyles - Zui - March2018007

Source: @TheElizabeth_ (Instagram)

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March2018008

Source: @TheElizabeth_ (Instagram)

4. Nwando Ebeledike

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March2018009

Source: @TheNwando (Instagram)

Feeling blue isn’t always a bad thing. Take a page from Nwando Ebeledike‘s book by trying this simple blue braid hairstyle.

The great thing about this look is how easy it is to style. You can park it up, take it to the side or vent let it all fall down.

Tip: Try a colour that suits you. Not everyone would love to try blue, so choose your favourite colour and have fun with it.

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March20180010

Source: @TheNwando (Instagram)

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March20180011

Source: @TheNwando (Instagram)

5. Nonye – This Thing Called Fashion

Braid Hairstyle - Zumi - March20180013

Source: @ThisThingCalledFashionn (Instagram)

Finally, here’s one of the braid hairstyles we love from Nonye of This thing Called Fashion. It’s simple, easy going and feminine. Perfect!

Her look features weaving all the way to the back and 2 side weaves going to the front. We love this look in the Summer – so easy to rock.

Tip: Add some accessories. It adds flare and beauty to the overall look.

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March0014

Source: @ThisThingCalledFashionn (Instagram)

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March20180015

Source: @ThisThingCalledFashionn (Instagram)

Let’s take a look at some other influencers that never fail to give us braid hairstyles for days!

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March20180016

Source: @IamAdunniAde (Instagram)

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March20180017

Source: @ZainabBalogun (Instagram)

Braid Hairstyles - Zumi - March20180018

@TheOkiemute (Instagram)

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