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Don’t Know Your Skin Type? Here’s How To Find Out

Skin type
What’s your skin Type? …Oh wow you have no idea!

It’s important to first of all check your skin type before choosing products to go into your skincare routine. If you didn’t know, again not to worry that’s why we are here. (That’s why you love us right). When you know what skin you’re in, it becomes easy to get products with ingredients that work exactly for your skin type.

You want to check out for these features if you want to know how to get started treating your skin.

Combination Skin
skin type


This is about the second most common type of skin. You can tell because the T-zone is oily whereas the other areas are dry to normal. Here the pores are visible and breakouts happen often.

Oily Skin
skin type

Omoni Oboli)

Oily skin is about the commonest type of skin. It’s always has a glazed sheen type of feel. It gets shiny almost immediately after cleansing. With oily skin, pores are visible and breakouts and acne are common. For this type, it’s best to use water based products on this type of skin.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive gets irritated easily. They react to common ingredients that other skintypes don’t necessarily react to. It’s highly prone to irritation and is usually dry/doesn’t look hydrated.

Dry Skin

Dry skin is less elastic and pores are almost invisible. The skin here is usually dull, lacklustre and rough. This type of skin needs intense moisturizing.

Normal Skin
skin type

Lola Oj)

Normal skin is ‘bleh’, doesn’t feel dry or oily, they are about the best skin to be in though as breakouts are rare and pores are not visible.

Are you able to tell what skin you have from this breakdown? Get started on these skincare tips and products from ZUMI.



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