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Don’t Know If You Have Dry Skin? These Physical Tell-Tale Signs Will Guide You

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How to know if your skin is dry? Well, there are a couple of ways. The skin comes in different textures and types. However, all skin types can get dry and we can tell you how to know.

It is very easy to know if your skin is dry. Our skin usually gives us tell-tale signs like scaling, flaking or when the skin feels rough. Besides these common signs, there are some not-so-common signs that you could be missing totally.

Let’s break them down for you. This is how to know if your skin is dry

It looks dull and tired

Dehydrated skin always comes off as dull and bland. When your skin has moisture it usually gives off a luminous glow. It looks plump and radiant, while dry or dehydrated skin is the direct opposite. In some cases, it can enhance wrinkles and cause you to look older.

You’re breaking out

Breakouts don’t only happen to oily skin. It can also affect the dry skin. When your skin’s outer layer experiences any type of change or disruption, it could result in inflammation. So if you notice your skin isn’t oily but you have breakouts, your skin could be really dehydrated.

How To Know If Your Skin Is Dry? We Have 5 Physical Signs To Guide You

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It gets itchy and feels unusually tight

You remember how your skin feels during the harmattan period? Well, that is basically how your skin would feel if it’s dehydrated. You might also experience some light itching as you work your face muscles. Be careful to make sure that you don’t scratch the skin as it is very fragile at this stage and could lead to injuries on the skin’s surface.

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The skin feels rough and looks scaly

As we mentioned earlier, rough and scaling skin are some of the more obvious signs that your skin is dry. You might see actual skin hanging off your skin. In this case, try not to tug them off as they could lead to tears in the skin.

How To Know If Your Skin Is Dry? We Have 5 Physical Signs To Guide You

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Cracks and pain occur

Speaking of tears in the skin, if you see cracks and are experiencing pain on your skin, then it is definitely dry. As the skin’s barrier is lacking moisture, it starts to struggle to perform its functions and could cause pain in the process.

Now that we’ve sorted out how to know if your skin is dry, what is the solution? Well, we have tons of articles on restoring moisture to your skin. For example, look out for these ingredients in a moisturizer to get rid of dry, itchy & scaling skin. You can also create your own moisturizer with these simple ingredients. And if you’re in the mood for a stay-at-home spa-cation, try this DIY Moroccan Hammam bath.