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This Cosmetic Procedure Will Transform Your Skin Instantly!

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Cosmetic surgeries might just be a thing of the past with this revolutionary treatment, plasma fibroplast.

Plasma fibroplast is a non invasive treatment that reconstructs the skin and fixes several issues. We know the name sounds like something really complicated but it isn’t. Here’s how it works, the treatment is done with a special tool called a plasma pen which produces a tiny flash. The pen is run over the skin and the plasma flash creates tiny dots on contact. But the tool actually never touches the surface of the skin.

This might look a bit disturbing but no, those aren’t holes in her eyelids. They’re just dots created by the plasma flash touching the skin.

The great thing about the Plasma fibroblast is that it involves no cuts or stitches, no injections or sedation and the results are immediately visible. Also, it costs a lot less than surgery.

You know those stubborn stretch marks that don’t seem to move no matter how much Shea butter you rub? This might be the fix.

Several other skin issues that can be treated with Plasma Fibroplast are:

  • Acne scarring
  • Wrinkles
  • Laugh lines
  • Crow’s feet
  • Eye bags
  • Saggy skin
  • Skin tags

The results are usually instant so you’ll notice a difference immediately.

plasma fibroplast

(Photo: Instagram/ Glitterings health & beauty)

But you’ll get the maximum effect of the treatment in about eight weeks.

Plasma fibroplast

(Photo: Pinterest via Ailea)

This treatment might seem like the perfect solution to all your skin concerns and it might actually be. But before you get your hopes high, you should go for a consultation to determine your eligibility. This is because certain conditions like keloids and severe acne could get worse with this treatment.

If you’ll like to try this treatment, Glitterings Health & Beauty Salon & Spa offers the service. But for natural ways to improve your skin, here are some things you can do.



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