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Check Out This Easy Ponytail Tutorial For The Holiday

Ponytail Tutorial
By now, we all know that the ‘Christmas hair’ days are over so quick and easy fixes like this ponytail tutorial always come in handy. This one that will get you out of the house in 10 mins!

Ponytails are no longer just reserved for bad hair days, the hairstyle is so in right now. It’s super chic, glam and it goes with any type of outfit/style you choose at any point. Even better, you don’t need a salon appointment to get the snatched look. Now, you see why this ponytail tutorial is so needed!

To achieve the hairstyle at home, all you need is a hair bundle (any type you like), some bobby pins, a hairbrush and edge control to tame those flyaway hairs. See the steps below!

Ponytail Tutorial

(Photo: Instagram / Loje_loje)

  • Step 1

The first thing to do is to straighten your already washed hair, part, and pack according to the style you want to achieve. It could be a high ponytail or a back-slip one.

  • Step 2

The next thing to do is to wrap your extension around the point you packed up and guard it with bobby pins. Make sure it’s a ‘full guard’ to ensure it’s well secured! 

Ponytail Tutorial

(Photo: Instagram / Ulovemegz)

  • Step 3

When that is done, take a small portion of the extension and wrap it around the transition area. Then, comb out your weave and secure your edges with the edge control and voila, you are done!

Check out this video guide below!

If DIYs aren’t your thing, you can get a ponytail wig from naturalgirlwigs

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