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Chebe Powder Will Give You Insanely Long Hair!!!

Chebe, The best kept hair secret from Chad!

Growing up, we all heard the old wives tale that African women couldn’t have very long hair because it just wasn’t for our race. So we resigned ourselves to having hair that was chin length on average and shoulder length at best. Then, if you were really really lucky, you got a few more inches past your shoulder. Well, thank goodness it’s not true! African women can grow their hair as long as they want and we’ll show you how, using an ancient method and recipe from Chad.



The women of Chad are famous for their insanely long hair that extends way below their backs, sometimes reaching their hips. Yes it’s true! They are able to achieve this using a recipe of sorts known as Chebe powder.

Click on the video below to learn about this amazing Chebe powder.

OK We’ll admit, the whole process seems a tad inconvenient. The Chebe mixture is messy, you’re going to have to wear your hair in plaits for the most part and then redo the plaits every five days so you can reapply the Chebe and not to mention, keep your hair wrapped to prevent it from staining your sheets and basically anything it comes in contact with.

Butttttttttt that length guys!!!


Also did you notice how their hair is really short in front with literally no edges? It’s because they deliberately do not apply the mixture to that area. The women of this ethnicity consider high bare foreheads to be a symbol of beauty. Apparently, not everyone cares about laid edges.



This not only debunks the myth that African hair cannot grow long, it also emphasizes the role of protective styling in hair care.


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If you’re curious about where you can get Chebe powder, we’ve got you! Shop it here.

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