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Why Your Body Cream Is Not Working

why your body cream is not working
There are few things in life as annoying as buying skincare products that promise to transform you into a goddess only to find out months later that you still look the same.

Now you’re staring at your vanity table in frustration every day because you just don’t get why these products are not doing what they claim. Don’t stress your pretty head, we’ve figured it out possible reasons why your body cream is not working:

You don’t apply enough product

After buying that expensive body cream, the last thing you probably want is for it to run out in a month. We understand that, but if you don’t apply enough product, your skin wouldn’t get enough for it to make a difference. And this might be why your body cream is not working.

You’re not applying the product properly

The right way is to rub the product gently between your palms (to warm it up) and then massage into damp skin. Damp skin makes the cream absorb better and also helps it trap moisture into your skin. Also, notice how we said massage? Yes, creams have to be massaged gently into your skin. So, hurriedly slapping it all over your body (like someone swatting mosquitoes) just won’t work.

After working product in, give it about 15 minutes to be absorbed before getting dressed. This is super important if you don’t want your clothes to absorb half of it.

why your body cream is not working

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You don’t exfoliate

Most people only exfoliate their face. But having dead skin cells on your body will also prevent your creams from penetrating into the deeper layers of your skin. And this might actually be why your body cream is not working. Exfoliating makes a lot of difference so before you throw that cream away, try exfoliating.

why your body cream is not working

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The product is crap

Yes, this is actually a possibility. If you’re doing everything right and your cream isn’t working then it’s not you sweetie, it’s the product. Cosmetic companies sometimes falsely advertise ingredients that aren’t even in the ingredient list or are there in insignificant amounts.

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For example, if the bottle says ”argan oil” and it’s at the bottom of the ingredient list, it probably will be too little to make a difference. This means that you definitely won’t be getting the benefits of argan oil that you’re expecting.

why your body cream is not working

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And Lastly…

Maybe your cream just hasn’t had enough time to work. Most people are in a hurry to see results so they stop using their creams too soon. The skin takes about 28 days to renew itself, this means you have to give every product AT LEAST 30 days to see any result. And results are usually gradual, not instant. But if after 60 days you don’t see any results at all, then you can switch.

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