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How To Blend Your Closure To Make It Look Like Your Scalp

blend your lace closures
Closures were God sent to help us weave and wig wearing ladies have a realistic looking hairline. The idea with closures is to protect your natural hair, without making it obvious that your hair (extensions) is not natural.

Yes, everyone will know it’s not your hair anyway, but there’s no need for it to be so glaring. You can blend your lace closures with a simple trick to get a more natural hairline.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • Lace closure
  • Concealer or foundation in your shade
  • Foundation brush
  • Bond protective shield
  • Blow dryer (optional)
blend your lace closures



blend your lace closures



Turn your closure to the other side, put some concealer or foundation on your brush and apply all over the lace with light strokes. You want to do this in light strokes because you’ll need to go over it a few more times. Next, apply the bond protective shield directly over the foundation. The bond protective shield will make the closure scalp-like while the foundation will help with the colour. After that, use a blow dryer on low heat over it for like 20 seconds.

Once it’s dried, go over the closure again with your concealer, apply the bond protective shield after it and dry it again. You’ll need to repeat this process about three or four times to get perfect results. Remember, the goal is to make the closure look like your scalp.

Here’s a video by ExcuseMyClone showing the entire process

This process is especially great for lace closures with large grids (the holes on the lace) as the end result makes it look like a silk closure. if you don’t have the bond protective shield, got2b glued gel in black also works perfectly. You can order it here for N1800

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But if all you’re concerned about is the colour, then you can apply ONLY your concealer/foundation to the closure using the same process. And you can use this trick to blend your lace closures as well as your frontals.

Note that this is a temporary measure and it will wash out once you shampoo the hair. Now that you know how to blend your lace closures, also check out ways to maintain your curly hair extensions.

(Featured image: Youtube via ExcuseMyClone)