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Beauty Blender Cleaning Tricks You Should Know

clean your beauty blender
Beauty blenders are pretty effective tools for applying foundation and concealer. They help your make-up blend flawlessly and they are especially great if you don’t want heavy coverage with your foundation. The bother about beauty blenders is that unlike brushes, they’re not as easy to clean!

You have to clean your beauty blender after every use so it doesn’t become a breeding ground for bacteria and by extension acne! Beauty blenders actually have a recommended cleanser made by the same company but it’s quite pricey. It costs about N6,500 for a 150ml bottle! So if you’re like most people who don’t want to spend that much on a cleansing solution, you’ll find these tricks very useful.

These tricks will clean your beauty blender not only effectively but also quickly.

Using A Microwave

This is the fastest way to clean your beauty blender. All you need to do is put your beauty blender in a bowl of water with some shampoo. Heat up the bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds. Bring it out, squeeze and rinse in cool water. Voila! Your blender is clean and ready for your next face beat.

This video by Youtube vlogger, Lonyea Maiden will show you how to.

Using Coconut Oil

You can also clean your beauty blender using coconut oil or olive oil and shampoo. All you need to do is mix some coconut oil and shampoo in a container, add a little water and roll your beauty blender around in it. Make sure it properly absorbs the mixture. From this point, keep squeezing and squishing the blender gently until all the dirt and gunk come out.

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Here’s a video by Youtube vlogger, Blackchinabear showing you how to get it done.

Soak In A Mixture Of  Shampoo Or Handwash, Apple Cider Vinegar And Baking Soda

Youtube vlogger, Cynthia Maina shows us exactly how to do this in super easy steps!

These tricks will make your beauty blender squeaky and spotlessly clean.

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Clean your beauty blender

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