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ZUMI X Catwalk With Kaylah – Basic Makeup Products Ladies Should Have

What makeup products do you have in your vanity box at the moment? Are you sure you are starting off with the right ones?

Shopping for makeup products can be daunting  and tbh sometimes, a lady just wants to save some cash afterall there are items we don’t need immediately and can just save on! Without a doubt there are too many makeup products to choose from so we understand how overwhelming it can be!

Makeup products


What’s the difference between foundation and concealer?DO I need more than one red lipstick colour”, “do I need highlighters for daily use” and so many other questions!

We’ve rounded up a few makeup products that come handy for everyday use and that way you get to save (absolutely no waste here, afterall those shoes and bags won’t buy themselves will they!)

makeup products


A foundation is super important especially if you have dark areas/blemishes. While it’s best to take skincare seriously for healthy skin, for everyday wear, foundation comes handy for coverage; you can decide on medium or full. Make sure to get one in your skintone and matches your undertone.

makeup products


This comes in handy if you have undereye areas to work on. Dark circles are a good reason to invest in a concealer so that foundation goes well on the face and finish is flawless.

Red (Bold) Lipstick
makeup products


For that once in a while glam event, invest in a red/bold lipstick that best suits your skintone to instantly take your makeup from drab to fab. It’s best to pick one that absolutely rocks and has long staying power.

Brow Pencil/Brow Filler
makeup products


Anything that gets the brows in formation should definitely be found in your makeup purse! If it’s a brow pencil that works for you get you a good one. And don’t be fooled, you can score that for a ridiculously cheap amount!

makeup products


Mascaras give the eye an instant lift, get you a volumizing or lengthening one to see how instantly your lashes get a boost.



By all means a powder just so your face finishes matte and just generally tidy. That’s usually the cherry on (literally) your foundation.

Eyeshadow Palette


Of course the eye shadow comes in handy especially warm colours for everyday neutral look and bold colours for when you decide to go glam. Pick a palette instead of singles so you have options.

Eyeliner (Black)


A black eyeliner works to open up your waterline as well as double as a liner for the upper lids! It’s a win win.

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