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Acne Breakouts? See Ways You Are Causing Them!

Acne breakouts
Sometimes the reasons for your acne breakouts is simple, You!

Acne breakouts come as a result of a build up of oil and dead skin clogging the hair follicles. The forehead, nose and chin area aka the T-zone are most prone to breakouts especially on oily skin therefore more attention should be paid to this area. We can’t stress how important having a skincare routine is using products suitable for your skin type and condition (having a skincare routine isn’t the same as overly washing or tugging at the skin, this only strips the skin of its natural goodness!) and sticking to a regimen that works for you.

Even the most perfect skin would be prone to breakouts when it’s exposed to oil, dust etc daily blocking the pores and when left uncared for flares up with blemishes.

Acne breakouts


But just like we mentioned earlier you may actually be the one causing your skin to react this way

Popping Pimples

When you see these unwanted visitors anytime, DON’T pop them. Instead apply topical creams to dry them off. As tempting as it maybe to pop them, you’d only end up pushing bacteria into the skin which is bad for it.

Can’t Keep Hands Away

If you’re a ‘face toucher’ yep, you’re causing your own breakouts. When you touch your face during the day you risk transferring germs from everywhere that hand has been to your face (eww) which we definitely cause the face to react by breaking out! Before you wash/apply anything to your face, make sure your hands are clean.

Touching your face causes breakouts (Balance Me Beautiful)

You Don’t Clean Your Phone

DO you know your phone has over 10 times the amount of germs found in toilets? Yup studies reveal that and if you’re one who don’t clean your phone regularly you may just be the reason your face is breaking out.

You Wear Makeup To Sleep

You know the drill, if you wear makeup to bed you end up clogging your pores and of course breakouts! So whatever you do, no matter how tired, take off your makeup every night and cleanse that face if you want it to remain flawless.

Acne breakouts

Not Deep Cleansing

Washing your face is different from washing it properly. You have to be sure there is no trace of makeup/oil residue left when you’re cleaning your face, if you don’t reach deep with a deep cleanser, there are chances you’d breakout especially if you have oily skin.

Your Hairstyle

If your hair falls on your face you are definitely causing your own skin issues this is because oils and products from your hair get on your face and clogs your pores resulting in serious breakouts.

A lot more from using too much products, not handling the delicate facial skin gently and other factors are reasons you break out often, if you want this to stop you’ve got to pay more attention!

Which ones are you guilty of? Share your acne breakouts stories and how you tackle them below. If you have blemished skin, see products that can work for you here.



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