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5 Best Instagram Accounts To Follow For Braids Inspiration

5 of the Best Instagram Accounts for Braids Inspiration You Need to Follow!
Instagram is by every means the place to be when it comes to inspiration. However, searching for braids inspiration can be a whole other story. There are so many accounts out there, and sometimes they end up being a dead end. That’s why your friends at ZUMI have decided to help out!

Today, we are giving you the tall, dark, handsome, Jesus seeking, husband material of braids inspiration pages on Instagram for your viewing pleasure. We’ve got a combination of styles aunty Jemimah down the road can do, and some mainly for aspirational purposes.

So feel free to bookmark and screengrab. You’re not ready for all this black girl magic!

Shani Crowe (@Crowezilla)


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This is the sole reason for our data finishing everyday. Shani Crowe’s Instagram page is filled with braids inspiration for eons and we’re loving it (a bit too much). Shani tell stories with her beautiful strands and translates that to art for magazine covers, music videos and more. You’ve definitely seen her work before, like in Solange’s Don’t Touch My Hair video. All that fabulosity was all her! And if the Knowles sisters can trust Shani, who are we not to?

Braids Gang (@BraidsGang)

If you want to join gang, we have got the right gang for you. This Instagram page has everything you could possibly want – memes, advice, tips, videos, you name it. We love the relatability of the posts and if you want colourful braids inspiration, you’ve come to the right place.

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Nigerian Braids (@NigerianBraids)

@aaliyahjay ???

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Here’s another community we’re proud to be members of. With over 436,000 followers, the Nigerian braids Instagram page is definitely doing something right. If you’re searching for braids inspirations that are easy, distinct, beautiful and sexy, gurl climb aboard.

Ancestral Strands (@AncestralStrands)

This is a Public Service Announcement – if you want to change your braid game up, this is the page for you! Ancestral Strands has everything the General Overseer of the braided black girl club could need. Their beautiful interpretation of African and ethnic culture would make every ethnic person proud.

Melek Ustunluk (@MimisBraids)

If you’re all about the finer details when it comes to braids, then Melek is your kind of girl. Although she specializes in creating braids for men, we say hair is hair and are stealing braids inspiration anyway. There’s no way you’re not going to get sucked into her awesomeness. Go ahead, try it.

In case you want to see some more inspiration from some of your favourite celebrities, click here!Tell us what you think of the inspiration above.