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3 Common Things You Do To Make Your Brows Ugly

(Dimma Umeh)

(Jackie Aina)

If you feel you don’t nail your brows perfectly it’s probably because you don’t!

If you’re yet to get your brows a 100% till now after the numerous Youtube videos and Instagram hookups, we are definitely judging you.Then you’re probably still getting a lot wrong. The eyebrows frame open up the face, they are the first thing that attracts attention to your makeup look, now do you want this to be the good or bad kind of attention?

The best way to get your eyebrows prepped (if like us you are yet to get them microbladed) is to shape/tame them regularly to suit your face shape and generally keep the area tidy (read trimmed).

Once the above is out of the way, you need to make sure you are NOT doing these 3 things:
1. Filling in too dark

Fill in your brows with light strokes is the best way to get natural looking brows and even when you want bolder ones, you can get that with brow pomades and gels but it should never be done with harsh strokes.

Instead of packing on the products, fill the sparse areas in with light strokes of pencils (in your colour, NOT BLACK PLEASE!), brow pomade, gels etc. By all means get them filled as lightly and natural looking as possible.

(Dimma Umeh)

2. Drawing boxy lines

It’s a no with drawing eyebrows on yourself! Do not shave off your brows only to draw them back on. If you have to trace brow lines, start from the arch of the brows and gently fill while brushing at intervals to get out harsh lines.

The era of drawing boxy instagram eyebrows are gone ladies.

3. Shaping the wrong way

While it’s great to tame the brows to pre-define them to suit your face shape, don’t go overboard with overplucking or making them too thin otherwise you’d be left with funny brows that may come difficult to work with.

If you have all those checked then you are well on your way to nailing the perfect ones.



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