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10 Easy Hacks That’ll Make Your Acrylic Nails Last Longer

care for acrylic nails
Nothing hurts more than seeing your nails coming off one after the other just 2 days after that manicure! Meaning you can’t even show off your nails with pride anymore.

So for the stylish woman who would want her nails to last for a while, here are a few hacks on how to care for acrylic nails and increase its life span.

1. Use your knuckles more

Try using your knuckles to scoop your hair products, that way you can avoid products getting stuck in your finger nails. Also try using your knuckles to tuck in your bed spread, that way you won’t lose your nails. Easy, right?

care for acrylic nails

(Photo: MJ Nails)

2. How about using your nail as the scoop?

Imagine having to scoop your lotion with the top of your nails, works right? It’s a simple logic, using your finger pad will definitely get the product stuck in your nails, so the easiest way is to flip your finger over using the top of your nail as the scoop.

3. Master the use of Cutlery

Imagine eating amala with some correct shaki with gbegiri and ewedu or ogbono and semo with your stiletto nails! Best option? Use a fork or spoon!

care for acrylic nails

(Photo: MJ Nails)

4. Open cans with a spoon

Don’t pull open cans with your nails, use a spoon instead. Simply apply pressure and boom! It’s open. You can also use the handle of a spoon or fork.

5. Be conscious of your nails

Most times we forget that we’re wearing acrylic nails and we go about doing stuff that could cause them to break. When you’re conscious, you’ll take preventive measures to help the nails last longer.

care for acrylic nails

(Photo: Instagram/nailsbydicey)

6. Less playful activities

If you are the very playful type, love a good tug of war, pillow fight or chasing bae around the house, it’s time to tone it down. It’s very easy to hurt your nails while playing so choose to engage in other not so active activities like reading, watching a movie or playing board games.

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7. Choose quality acrylic nails

Acrylic nails come in variations, so it is better you go for the one with quality texture.

8. If you have the habit of chewing your nails, stop it

Yes! Don’t deny it, if you’re in this category, just control your urge and you’ll be fine!

care for acrylic nails

{Photo: embellishedbysarahjames}

9. Wear gloves while doing dishes

To care for acrylic nails, you should definitely not expose them to harsh conditions like hot water and soap.

10. Get yourself the best nail technician

We know it can be a bit expensive than what you’re used to, but get yourself the absolute best nail technician in the game! Your nails are delicate so they do deserve the best.

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