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Three Signs That Your Man Is Definitely Not A Cheater

We live in a world of paranoia. With all the slay-mamas on the gram, there’s every tendency and opportunity for your man to become a cheater.  Every time he goes out to make a call, you hold your breath and hope that your fears are not becoming reality.

However,  you need to give your man the benefit of doubt. While he might have every opportunity to cheat, that doesn’t mean he will become a cheater. Thankfully there are signs that’ll let you know if your man is not going to be a cheater.

He cut off all ties with his exes

Nothing shows how serious a man is that when he voluntarily chooses to keep his ex in the past.  In the name of being woke and cool with our exes, we create uncomfortable situations with our partners. They’d rather not have to see your ex but they know better than to say otherwise. If a man takes this initiative then you have yourself a keeper.

They Keep You In The Loop

You know everything that’s going on in his life: his work, his family, his friends most importantly his fears and aspirations. He calls you everyone to let you know what’s up, takes you out to his functions, spends as much time as he can with you. He basically has nothing to hide because you know all there is to know.


He Makes Time For You

He is always busy but he is never too busy to listen to you, support you and be there for you. Because he carries you along, it’s easy to be a part of each other’s lives. And because you’re both in tandem, there’s little or no time for him to cheat on you. No man is a Superman that he’ll adequately spend 100% of his time with you and still find time to spend with another woman.

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