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What Makes A Woman So Irresistible? Lets Hear What The Men Have To Say

What do you think makes a woman so damn irresistible to a man? Is it her flawless makeup? Her down to earth nature? The way she carries herself?

They say different things work for different people. While this is true, there are still some things that are universal and we wanted to know what qualities that make a woman irresistible to a man. A few interesting things popped up. And you don’t believe what they are.

Chukwudi, 39 – I like my women strong

Omo, I like my women strong. Not like physically but mentally. That anything you throw at her, she can handle it without breaking a sweat. It’ cute to have a woman depend on you but you need to know that if you’re not around, she can handle things efficiently.  For example, my girlfriend just got a car and on her way to work, it stopped her on third mainland bridge. Somehow, she managed to get a towing van and a mechanic. When he called me, she wasn’t crying or worried or upset. She just told me what happened and asked that I help her make a transfer, shikena! That’ my boss lady!!!!


Laolu, 29 – When she’s not afraid to ask for sex

Forget all these things that people say that women should be shy. I like when my woman is in the mood and she isn’ afraid to ask for it. Me I like sex gaan and when she’s comfortable enough to tell me that she wants the D, it means that she trusts me enough to be herself around me. No time for fake forming o, if you want to do, just say ‘I WANT TO DO’, simple as that’

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Jude 32 – I like my women properly groomed

Who doesn’t like a neat put together woman? From her hair to her fingernails and toes nails, she has to look smashing. This might be a little extreme but nothing turns me on faster than matching undies, lime your bra and panties are the same colour or the same design! It means you put in the effort to look good….and not just for me, for yourself! Nothing beats that o; at least for me sha’ 


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Sola 35 – I love it when she wears my clothes

Not that you’ll come and clear my wardrobe o, but she you put in a shirt of mine and you have that dishevelled I just had sex look. Kai… It’ like I’ve branded you with big block letters, MINE! But you have to look effortlessy sexy in it sha, not like you’re trying too hard to be sexy.’


There you have it. Straight from the horse’s mouth. Is there any other thing that makes a woman so hot and irresistible to a man? Share with us in the comments section.


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