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Lies Your Ex Tells You When He’s Trying To Make A ComeBack

We all have that ex who still pulls at our heart strings …or more specifically, refuses to stay in the past. He pops up out of the blue, forming Prince charming all over again and you start to think, ‘Well, maybe there’s a chance’.

Don’ do it…. your ex is like regurgitating your vomit; very bad idea.

He’ll try to sweet talk you but chances are, he just wants to get into your cookie jar or is jealous that you’e happy and wants to mess things up for you. Yes, guys specifically your ex might be petty like that.

Because we’ve always got your back, here are some lies your slimeball of an ex will tell you when he’s trying to get back into your life.



How are you?

Don’t get flattered sister, he knows how you are. He’s been stalking you in the gram and your latest upload showed him how well you’re doing. Why didn’t he ask how you were when you cried yourself to sleep all those nights? Stay strong sister; protect your heart… and your cookie jar.


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I miss you…I miss us

Depending on what time of the day you get this text, it might just mean that your ex is drunk….or alone….or just wants some action. He might not feel that way in the clarity of daylight. It’s just a temporal feeling, don’t be his temporal fix.



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Can I come over? I just want to talk.

Yeah right. He just wants some booty. If he really wanted to talk  you could meet in  public place where there’s no chance of anything happening. If he insists on meeting at his place, your place or late in the evening then you know what his agenda is. Don’t  fall for it!

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Nobody gets us.

Yeah yeah…. that ‘two of us against the world’ angle is so so yesterday. If this was how he truly felt, then why did y’all break up in the first place?


 I just want to be friends.

Bad idea. Everyone knows he’s your ex. No man will be comfortable seeing his girlfriend so close to her ex. He will sabotage future relationships for you because somewhere in both your hearts, there’s still a memory of what you had. It’s like fuel and fire… put them close together and there  bound to be an explosion.



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I’m happy you are in love again.

No he’s not. You’re happy and he’s not. You’re with someone else and he’s not. You’re moving in and he’s not. Of course He’s not happy for you. Stay woke sister, stay strong.


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