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Is Your Man Taking You For Granted?

It’s such a wonderful feeling; being in love. The sun shines brighter, the leaves seem greener and everyone seems happier. This is the perfect time for a man to take advantage of you and take you for granted. How? You ask. We’ll show you.

If you live in Nigeria, you would have heard the saying, ‘ it’s better for you to be with someone that loves you more‘. That way you can pretty much get away with anything and if he loves you that much, he’ll indulge you. You take it for granted that as a girl you can get away with pretty much anything. It’s not so pretty when a guy is taking advantage of you and here are a few signs to watch out for.


He makes you feel like you’re lucky to be dating him

And he tells you at every opportunity he gets. He expects you to go the extra mile for him, do special things for him and give him allowances that he wouldn’t ordinarily give you. Classic case of taking you for granted.


He doesn’t respect your time.

He comes in late. All the time. He apologizes all the time. He says he’ll make it up to you…all the time. He never runs out of excuses, doesn’t make time for you like you do for him. If this is you, then you’re not just a priority in his life.

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He is very selfish in bed

Its common knowledge that it’ is so much easier for a man to cum than for a woman to reach her peak. That being said, you will think that your man would take his time to ensure that you enjoy yourself but no, he is more concerned with his pleasure. Once he cums, he rolls over and goes to sleep, leaving you high and dry.

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He isn’t paying attention

Not to you, not to anything that concerns you. You exist purely for his pleasure and nothing else. Whenever you’re together you are constantly interrupted by calls, random people or he is constantly checking his phone for one mail or the other or an update on the gram.

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There’s only so much anyone can take and you need to ask yourself some very hard questions like,’How long are you going to let him keep taking advantage of you?’ When you’ve answered the question then you are on your way to fixing the issue.



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